November 2017, Vol. 17 No. 11

Outdoor Play Every Day

That headline is a theme that blooms into life and reality at Hidden Oaks Nature Center. The park believes in connecting children with nature -- by getting the kids out into nature. Many of its partnerships with local organizations are built on that idea. Park staff recentlly teamed with the Teaching Channel, Fairfax County's Office for Children and Fairfax Futures to produce a video about the benefits of early childhood environmental education.

In other words, here's why kids should get outdoors.

Keeping Up With The Blog 

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Appreciate Bats
ECLP's Partnership: Helping Kids Gain Confidence
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Therapeutic Gardening

Taking a Love of Nature to Kids in Morocco


What Is It?

Solve a mystery at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park. ECLP has an exhibit of historic items on display through November. Your task is to visit, look, and identify what the objects are based on clues at the exhibit.

Find Your Property Border

It's sometimes hard to know the edge of your property when it borders parkland. The Park Authority has a new, free online tool that will show you the border and help you avoid building a shed or mowing on parkland.

The Garden Comes Indoors

Green Spring Gardens hosts a pair of exhibits through the first week of December. The Horticulture Center is home to a mixed media presentation on "Nature From Three Points of View." The watercolor exhibit "the Birds, the Bees, the Flowers, the Trees and Other Things" is on display in the Historic House. 

Make it a family day by planning a trip to the exhibits on November 11 so you can try your hand at letterboxing -- treasure hunting before the age of GPS.

Trail Closures

Some of Green Spring's paths are undergoing ADA renovation until spring. Some routes through the park may be temporarily closed. The gardens remain open.
There's also work underway on a section of the Holmes Run Stream Valley Trail from Lake Barcroft to Cameron Run Regional Park. Part of the trail could be closed for up to a year.
Stream restoration work along Turkeycock Run at Mason District Park will require temporary trail closures from now into next summer.

How It Came To Be

Those 420+ parks of the Fairfax County Park Authority started as one. A former Fairfax County Park Authority director talks about the beginnings of the agency in this short video.

Plan For Snow Day Camps

It snows. School's closed. I wish there were a camp the kids could attend while I'm at work.





Discovery Trail Winners

Four bicycles were given away on October 9, 2017, to the winners of a drawing that brought this year's Discovery Trail adventure to a close.

See the winners on the Fairfax County Park Foundation website as they received their helmets and bicycles courtesy of Spokes, etc. in Fairfax.

County Tree Commission Honors IMA Program

The Park Authority's award-winning Invasive Management Area program has, well, won another award. That happens on a fairly regular basis because the program is so effective and efficient. The Fairfax County Tree Commission recently presented IMA with a Friends of Trees Award "for its rapidly expanding efforts to remove invasive plant species from public parklands throughout the county." Looking for a volunteer opportunity? IMA may be the answer.








  November Activities in Parks

November artiFACT: Milling and Music

Nov. 1: Public Meeting on Lake Fairfax Master Plan

Nov. 4 and 11: Cocoa Wagon Rides at Frying Pan

Nov. 8 and Dec. 6: Astronomy at Turner Farm

Turner Farm Observatory named Best New Facility in Virginia Parks

Nov. 18: Ride the Turkey Train at Lake Fairfax Park

Nov. 28: A Visit with Santa at Sully

New Park Board Member

Campfire Programs in the Parks

Programs for Scouts

Camps, Workshops and After-School Programs


Program Listings by Park:  

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